Beginning Theatre

Beginning Theatre Arts introduces students to the basic aspects of movement, vocal expression, acting and ensemble work. Class activities include improvisation, vocal development, individual and ensemble scene work and projects. Students will learn about performance etiquette on and off stage. Students will learn about basic theatre production (costumes, lighting, makeup, scenery, and sound). Students will participate in playwriting, discovery and analyzation of plays and musicals from the performance aspect. Participation in after-school rehearsals and performances is required.

Advanced Theatre

Advanced Theatre Arts continues with the basics learned in the pre-requisite Beginning Theatre Arts course, and adds Audition Technique, Monologue and Scene Study Method, Technical Theatre (building sets, audio and lighting control, stage managing), Theatre History, Theatrical Make-up, and Movement (Mime, Laban’s Effort Shapes, Stretching). Participation in after-school rehearsals, scene building, and performances are required.

*Middle School students may also take one of the two Theatre Electives: Musical Theatre, or Technical Theatre/Design Production.

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Technical Theatre

Technical Theatre (Level 1) and Design and Production (Level 2) students will learn the process of creating a show. Lessons on Publicity Design, Stage Management, Scene Design, Audio and Lighting Creation and Execution, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) will be taught. Students will work on the productions of the Theatre Department, and may elect to produce additional work for the Dance Department. Knowledge and safety procedures of basic hand and power tools will also be taught. Students will need to supply their own safety goggles and hearing protection for this course.