The Dance department at Rochelle is dedicated to providing students a thorough and broad based pre-professional training program to develop the competence and maturity required in order to pursue the art of dance at a high school level, or to become an avid and informed future arts advocate.  The program fosters individual student growth and promotes artistic and academic excellence. 

Ballerinas on stage

The program offers a pre-professional level of dance training for all students who choose dance as their major. This includes technical training, viewing, critique and exploration of related elements. After they pick Dance as a major, students receive training in Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance. The program, demanding physically and mentally, challenges students through daily classes, guest artists, and performances. The department offers two main stage concerts.

Each student is expected to come to class ready to meet the demands of the day and work to the best of their ability. While we are flexible with our daily teachings and goals for the department as a whole, we expect each student to rise to the small and large tasks that are set for the day.

Our emphasis is on support and independent evaluation and we hope that each student will find his/her experience here both challenging and entertaining.