The choral program provides many opportunities for singers to perform high caliber choral music, study proper vocal techniques and musical skills, and share their musical talents with the community. Discipline, dedication, and professionalism will be encouraged to reach the highest degree of musical success.



In Show Choir, students learn to prepare and perform popular music, add choreography (movement) to songs, and sing A cappella. Show Choir performs at all Rochelle Chorus Concerts, as well as community events throughout the year.


Elementary Chorus offers students an introduction to singing. Students learn basic musicianship, healthy vocal technique, and sight-reading skills. The Elementary Chorus performs at concerts throughout the year.

RSA  Chourus



The Men's Chorus offers singing opportunities for our young men. Emphasis is placed on the development of the changing voice through proper vocal techniques, tonal production and sight-reading skills. Students study an array of choral literature representing our cultures.

Vocal Techniques

Vocal Techniques is private instruction in singing through group voice lessons. Students develop the fundamentals of good singing including correct posture, breath management, vowel/consonant production, vocal flexibility and musical expression. Students work on solo and small ensemble singing, sight-reading and musicianship skills.


In the Women's Chorus, students learn proper vocal techniques and tonal production including breath control, intonation, diction, vocal balance and blend, interpretation, creativity, and sight-reading skills.