Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) are uniquely integrated into the curriculum at Rochelle School of the Arts.

Teachers in elementary grades create project-based units and students visit the Makerspace 2-3 times each month, to complete design challenges linked to these units. This promotes hands on, authentic STEAM experiences with an emphasis on collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and resilience. Students use robots, Legos, magnets,Student learning about STEAM building blocks, and computers to complete the missions.

In the middle grades, STEAM is also part of curricular collaborations, but is most evident in the arts. STEAM is present in numerous ways: fashion shows with LED lighted costumes, theater stage sets cut out with digital CNC routers, garage band music, and dance choreography using apps and computer coding. With STEAM at the heart of our Arts Program, students not only learn an art skill but leave with knowledge of how to create, mass produce, and sell their art in a digital era.

Students cleaning a carrot  Students reading a computer screen  Students working on an experiment  Students analyzing a model